Essay: Political organisation in transition

Artículo de Hilary Wainwright. Red Pepper, January 2013

Analiza la manera de transformar el Estado y por qué a los políticos radicales les resulta tan difícil de mantener su impulso inicial, una vez que llegan al parlamento. Cómo podría cambiar esto?
In a context of uncertainty and flux, it helps to start from the specific. My starting point is the rise of Syriza, the radical left coalition rooted in the movements resisting austerity that has become the main opposition party in the Greek parliament. Syriza’s ability to give a focused political voice to the anger and despair of millions has made a breakthrough from which we can learn.

This is a matter not only of its soaring electoral support, which rose from 4 per cent of the national vote in 2009 to 27 per cent in June 2012 on the basis of a refusal of the policies imposed by the IMF, the European Commission (EC) and the European Central Bank (ECB), but also of the fact that this electoral mandate is reinforced by organised movements and networks of solidarity that Syriza has been part of building...
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